• This community is used for the nominations and for announcing the winners. The voting itself will be done by the judges in the judges community. Unfortunately, the judges community is now closed so if you would like to become a judge, you will have to wait until judges start to leave or become bored... then I will offer the chance for you to become one.

• There are three nominations per week per person allowed. This means one person can list three things. This does not mean that one person can list three people, each with all of the awards. I will provide a few examples because some dense people have a hard time understanding this. You can, for instance, vote for the following -

- three people, one award each
- one person, three awards
- one person, two awards, and one person, one award
- two people, one award, one person, one award... etc.

• There are no re-posts of nominations. If a person has been nominated for an award, do not repost to the community stating that you support them. If you'd like to support them, do so in comment form. If the person is up for Nicest Person or Most Helpful, and you have a personal experience of them being so, please comment to the entry where they are nominated and your words will be considered in the judging. In all other categories, nothing will be considered in this way.

• There is no off topic posting. Do not plug your new layout or your favorite community. And do not ask for self-nominations. If you would like to be nominated, self-nominate... it is allowed. All off-topic posts will be deleted, and repeated offenses will result in a banning.

• No votes will be based upon friends or enemies - all things will be completely fair

• If you loose an award, do not complain to the group and do not harass the person who won it.

• There will be two judgings per month. Nominations will be collected and voted upon on the 15th and 30th of every month. Please do not annoying ask the group when the voting will be because it is clearly stated here. And, furthermore, we all have lives as well so do not patronize us if we are late and/or slow. We are trying our hardest.

• Please do not beg and plea to win an award. Please do not contact the judges in any way to do so. Please do not bribe (don't believe people will do it, heh) any judges either.

• If you win an award, profess it proudly. But, if you do not, please do not steal the awards and banners and display them as if you did. If this starts to happen, then the images will be made copyrighted and it will become against internet protocol to do so. (na na na na na)

• Please do not use this community for anything barring awards. This is not a personal or chat community. Don't turn it into one.

• Please show all people at all times courtesy and respect. Do not steal icons or layouts that you are judging or viewing. You have no right. There is to be absolutely no spamming, harassing, or annoying of any kind. We've had our share of harassers, and none of it will be tolerated in the least.

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