You are entering the first ever LiveJournal community devoted to the recognizing of gifted livejournalers. Before the others, we were here, and we intend on staying. LiveJournal Awards is here for many reasons. First and foremost, it is to give awards to those deserving. Whether you be a gifted HTML user, or an awesome icon maker, there's a place for you here. The LiveJournal awards that are won should be proudly shown off in User Infos, Websites and anywhere else you'd like to put them. Another reason we are here is to keep going the "tradition" of those long members, judges, and creators who have watched LJ Awards mature into a community with over 350 members. Hopefully most of those members are active and help with the judging process. For these and more reason, LJ Awards is going strong and will continue to go strong for a long time to come.

Now, on to the Awards that you can win...

Main Awards

Best Bio
Best Layout
Best Icons
Best Mood Theme
Best Community

Other Awards

Most Unique
All Around Wonderful
Most Artistic
Biggest Geek
Most Obsessed
Most Kinky
Best Fictional Journal
Comedy/Comedian Award
Just Too Cute
Weirdest User
The Bitch Award
Cutest LiveJournal Couple
The Jerk Award

Personal Awards

(require explanation)

Most Helpful Award
Nicest Person

LiveJournal Excellence Awards

Gold Star (for those that get 4+ awards)
Silver Star (for those that get 2-3 awards)


Best Bio Simple Enough. If you think you have a worthy Bio for your journal, this is the award for you!

Best Layout Do you have a layout that stands out? Something that you're proud of? Nominate it!

Best Icons One of the funnest categories, everyone loves icons. Time to show off your icon or that of a friend. :)

Best Mood Theme Original Mood Themes only please.

Best Community Award Know a community that stands out? That just seems uber cool? Time to acknowledge it.

Most Unique This user stands out above all others. Might be personality, beliefs, any of the like. Something sets this user apart from the rest.

All around Wonderful This is not judging a person but the overal journal. It's how well a journal flows together, (bio, userpics, layout, etc). It's the motherload of all awards. hehe.

Most Artistic Do you draw? Paint? Make music? Write? Take photographs? This award is most artistic. All forms of art is welcomed. :)

Geek Award Are you a Geek and proud? Hehe, yay@Geekoids, this is the category for you! (and me!)

Evil-Doer Award Why have a nice user if you aren't going to have the bad ones? Naughty but nice evil-doers are always fun. This award is for them.

Obsessed Award This is a fun category indeed, there's so many things to obsess about in live and if that obsession leads to your journal, then nominate it!

Kinky Award Know a user that tries to be kinky? That takes pride in being kinky? Doesn't have to be real though that's acceptable. Any form of kinky is accepted (Fake images, hentai, sexual schtuff) hehe.

Best Fictional Journal This one was bound to happen! Fictional Journals such as those for roleplay purposes is just awesome. Time for them to be recognized. :)

Nice Person Award This category will only be accepted if you have proof/reason for why you are nominating said person. So don't forget to give a reason!

Comedy/Comedian Award For those amusing and funny people on livejournal!

Just Too Cute! Award Aw.. haven't you ever came across a journal that was just too cute?

Weirdest User Award Daaamn! Some people are just weird hehe. Don't worry, it's not a bad thing. :) This is for them.

The Bitch Award Keep in mind, if you nominated a person for the Bitch award and it was meant to offend or hurt feelings you will be disqualified. The Bitch award is for those that take pride in being a Bitch.

Cutest Livejournal Couple Award Where would we be without love? Gotta have the cutest livejournal couple award, baby. :)

The Jerk Award Same as Bitch though more manly, not meant to insult, insult nominations will be disqualified, this is for those that take pride in being a jerk.

Most Helpful Award This award needs a reason for nomination. If a reason is not given, nomination will not be counted. Don't forget to list why the person is most helpful!

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