The following are the most recent LJ Awards winners. As of Wednesday, April 30th, 2003, these are the current award holders. The next set of nominees will be voted upon on Thursday, May 15the, 2003. Congratulations to all of you new winners, and all of you veterans!

Best Bio - desecreteddeath

Best Layout - andpigscanfly

Best Icons - xg3doxillusi0nx

Best Mood Theme - mandelion

Best Community - beautifulcurves and fuckyoulist (tie)

Most Obsessed - rebel04

Nicest Person - quakkwak

Cutest LiveJournal Couple - cutiepie and mustang

Just Too Cute! - pacificdingo

Most Helpful - blackbutterfliwinner by default

Weirdest User - krazyswtkute72winner by default

Biggest Geek - lilshadybabywinner by default

Bitch Award - bonniebitemewinner by default


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