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Welcome to the brand new LiveJournal Awards website. The layout is based on the Xcolibur version of LiveJournal and I do not take credit for anything except the extra coding, graphic work, and color changes. I, of course, formatted a lot of things of here but the overall feel to it is that of LiveJournal's main page. There is a main navigational menu at the top. Hover over a category, and choose from the choices. A few of them are simply links so don't get all confused. There is a management menu at the bottom that is mainly for me and easy access to editing this page. Take advantage at all the links at the top - especially if you are a judge or are, in some other way, involved in the communtiy. Enjoy the site and the new look!

About LiveJournal Awards

LiveJournal Awards is a very well known community. There are over 400 members currently. People post in the community, nominating other livejournal users for specialized awards. Then, twice a month, the judges vote in the Judges Community on who should win. When the winners are decided upon, they will be awarded (duh) awards with which they can do what they like! :)

The Maintainers

I, Aaron (aajwind), and Jo (meeki) run this community. I am the maintainer and Jo is the founder (and my personal advisor *wink*). To know more about the management of this community, just go to the staff page. There's a lot of useful information.

Get Involved

Check the navigation bar at the top for links where you can get involved. You can Become a Judge, or you can simply join the LiveJournal Awards community and start nominating! Get around! Get Involved! And, most importantly, have fun!!


(aka aajwind)
- LiveJournal Awards and Judges Community Maintainer

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Saturday, June 7th, 2003